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About My Father’s Business Overview

AMFBI Overview
About My Father’s Business, Inc. is a non-profit organization identifying a population of individuals in our community that are destitute and in need of assistance.  The purpose of this non-profit entity is to provide services and resources specifically to destitute members in this community and surrounding communities by providing educational and spiritual components that afford better living conditions and health opportunities, and prepare them to become contributing members of society.
Competitive Advantage
What makes “About My Father’s Business” unique from other entities similar to ours is our focus on providing a distinct combination of educational, spiritual, and health components to assist those in need.  Many organizations only focus on the spiritual components and there are others that only focus on education, or only providing food, but at About My Father’s Business, we will focus on several components with emphasis on the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We will also work towards bridging the gap between service providers and the need to collect data on the homeless and destitute in order to gain a better understanding of this prevailing issue.
Future Plans
Future plans for About My Father’s Business is to continue to be an advocate for combating homelessness and encourage those in this situation to have hope via self-empowerment and proper training with a goal of self-sufficiency.  Our organization will collaborate with other entities, local areas shelters, housing authorities, and associations relating to homelessness in the Tallahassee area and surrounding counties.  Eventually the non-profit will expand its borders to fully include service to counties such as Wakulla County, Gadsden County, Taylor County, and Jefferson County and eventually other states such as Georgia and Alabama with the purpose of being about our Heavenly Father’s business and about being our brother’s keeper for the betterment of all mankind!